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Digital Distraction


Our attention is demanded by hundreds of different things throughout the day. A screen, be it on a phone, tablet or computer becomes a magnet that attracts us into distraction.

Dealing with distraction has become admirable in today’s world. As we master and overcome distraction, we view ourselves as more capable in managing our lives.

The irony of our digital distraction is that many claim it’s value in pursuit of connection with others through the use of social media. Relevant content and engaging stories become part of our landscape of this new, digital, human experience.

Those that defend the evolution and success of social media say, with confidence, that the need to connect makes us human. One of the weaknesses of our digital distractions is that it rarely enhances self-reflection. We are too busy seeing and connecting with others to do this.

The sadness I feel, deeply involves what we don’t realize. The center of everything we experience in our lives, comes about first from between our ears and secondly from our heart. What we choose to believe, what we fear, what we have been through, who we have met, what we have learned, what our worldview is of people, what our family was like, and on and on………all impact our choices for today and for tomorrow.

How many times we feel that the situation or that “person” did it to us. The power in enhancing, developing, and changing our lives only happens from within us, by what happens between our ears and in our heart.

Digital distractions take away a lot of opportunities that present themselves for us to self reflect. The world should never revolve around us. This attitude only feeds the ego in misguided ways. We need to travel into our own center to see how we can become more effective in our own lives to then serve others.

Our digital screens should never replace our mirrors. Why? Because it’s much harder to see ourselves than others. Mirrors are a good reminder to stop and look into our own eyes. Taking the time to struggle with understanding who we really are and what we need to work on or change.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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