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Discovering the Energy of Ideas


All of us have ideas. We share them freely with others disguised as opinion. Most quickly evaporate within minutes of them being spoken. Never to be heard of again. Many ideas begin with “we should or they should” being committed to death before another breath is taken.

Yet there are other ideas, albeit few, that seem to gain life on their own. Where they begin to emit an energy that begins to flow into others. Discovering the energy within an idea is critical for it to have a future.

Ideas that have energy connect ideas into a more coherent whole. They never gain life on their own. A new idea needs to be tossed, pushed, prodded, and re-shaped multiple times before any energy can be found.

They usually first appear as a David pitted against a huge obstacle that appears as a Goliath. Or as an impossibility that only the future would understand. With little chance for success as originally shared, discovering the energy of ideas requires effort, focus, and persistence to not give up but to keep trying. For we tire much too easily before we find the spark within an idea that releases its energy as it finds its life.

When discovering the energy of an idea you are taken to unexpected places. Seeing benefits that you never imagined and connections that seem all too simple after they are revealed. There is a flow within this journey that expands your thinking in new ways. Feeling joy in what was found.

You see creators are the lucky ones. Never bound by what is. Knowing much better than we do that discovering the energy of ideas is at the core of creativity. Bringing life to what was never considered and using wisely their effort in order to create joy.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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