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Discovering the Power of Immersion: Unspoken Lessons from Being a Family


Today’s world leaves us little time for immersion. Our demands, responsibilities, and to-do items often push us to switch gears rapidly. As a primary means of communication, the presence of text messages supports this where we have little time for even a five-minute phone call. Preferring to text a few imperfect words & unique abbreviations while waiting for the same form of an answer.

When thinking about immersion, my mind wanders towards the person who dedicates a majority of their lives to a cause, domain, organization, skill, or talent they uniquely possess. A person who is immersed in their work is the antithesis of what I describe in the first paragraph. You cannot distract them easily. Their lack of response to our outreach, at times, speaks volumes about their tendency towards extreme focus.

Immersion is rarely spoken of when talking about family. Yet at its core, it is our best example of the power of immersion. Being together for a long time, day in and day out, is an under-appreciated strength towards building human connection.

A parent’s love for their children and their spouse grows as the years go by. Children, with their unique and developing personalities, find safety in this immersive environment to experiment, be curious, and develop their social skills to better connect with others. Both parents and children learn from each other’s examples and uniqueness.

Where there is immersion, love, empathy, forgiveness, laughter, learning, and understanding emerge. We focus less on ourselves as we allow others to share with us who they are. Without judgment. It becomes less about our calendars and more about the safe space we create with those around us.

Where every day may not be exciting or memorable. But whose warmth grows stronger by just being together over time. Providing us with an effective shock absorber when life presents us with challenges, obstacles, fears, or disappointments that are difficult for us to face on our own.

Immersing ourselves in others, beginning with family, and extending this gift to friends and co-workers is a great gift to both give and share. It binds us beyond our spoken words and shared experiences. Giving us a fundamental energy in our lives to continue, persist, thrive, and overcome that is hard to recreate elsewhere.

Immersion is most effective when we do not focus on it but experience it through our presence with others. Much like the family we grew up in or live in today.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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