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Discovery is the outcome of exploration. Of finding something new or unexpected. We don’t use this term in our lives very often. Discovery is left only for the extreme story of finding something of great value.

A child discovers much as they grow. With innocense and wonder, they discover the world around them. A teenager, forced without intention, begins to discover more about themselves within the confusing world they begin to see around them.

It is when we become young adults and mature into adulthood that we find two paths in front of ourselves. Our challenge becomes, what do we do with the discoveries we now find?  Ultimately, our attitude towards discovery is what will make us choose one path over another.

One path adds to our life by the discoveries we continue to become aware of while the other willingly surrounds us with four walls that never seem to change. The key to the one path you will habitually choose is your level of awareness mixed together with your attitude towards possibility.

First, it’s true, not all discoveries are equal. Some may be relevant, others may be interesting but not very useful, while others might simply be missed. Discoveries in your life might be random or could be the result of great effort in search. Discoveries may shout at us while others are much more subtle making them harder to find unless we are paying attention.

Our level of awarenes, and ultimately our self-awareness, plays a significant role in the effect a discovery has on us. It’s hidden in the understanding of how a discovery, and the new information it presents us with, can possibly change our course, our next choice or our lifetime’s work. Pleased by the fact that each discovery we find in our lives can help us grow, change or evolve. Maybe not today, but stored like a librarian placing a book on a shelf, until the discovery with its new information is needed.

The less welcome but often travelled path, is well worn by those who are not very aware. Who deny a discovery in their lives because what they believe and know are the only things that could be. Where they are so busy with little things that they fail to see a discovery as something new and useful. They reject the new information that discovery gifts them as not important or helpful. Their routine and habits blind them to anything that might challenge their status quo because they don’t want any change to occur.

They find themselves OK today and possbily tomorrow as well. Like the tortoise and the hare though, it takes a lifetime of small discoveries to propel us somewhere different and further along just like a tortoise in the same race with a hare at the finish line.

Keep believing in possibility. Take note of the little things that surprise you throughout your day. Begin to believe in the power of discovery to help you grow and evolve. And let a heightened awareness of life around you and in you bring you the energy and joy to get through each of your many days.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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