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The diversity we do not see


I love to read. Throughout the year I always look for lists of favorite books from different people. Friends sometimes will mention a book that they have have read that they think I might enjoy.

My fascination always occurs when seeing how all of these lists and recommendations differ. For me, it doesn’t imply that there are no universally good books because I am sure that some exist that would appeal to many.

What it does imply is that we are more different than alike in things that we value and find meaningful and helpful. Why should I care about knowing this?

We approach many situations based on our view “of the world”. We tend to see people as if they were like us and that is not necessarily true.

Music is a more subtle indicator of the diversity around us. You know that I love music but have come to understand the song I really enjoy may not be of much interest to you.

We all say that we embrace diversity. The diversity “we embrace” refers to any outward manifestation of “being different” that many can readily see. This is not the diversity I speak of here. The diversity we do not see is within us, hidden, that we ourselves sometimes don’t even realize and that it is “different” in others.

Seek out the diversity in the next person and learn to see and appreciate things that we either have not or do not want to see. Make this a daily habit. There is a richness seeing in others things that are really a part of who they are but may not be important to us.

I find that as I learn more about the differences in another person (as well as myself) our conversations become more meaningful for both of us. We actually communicate more effectively as we begin to learn what “blind spots” each one of us have. This then slows us down to become more “complete” in what we share.

Constant learning is a must if we want our lives to continue to grow and change for the better. What better place to start than from the next person you talk to.

You might be surprised what you will learn to appreciate and enjoy. Amidst these many discoveries you will begin to notice that you might be becoming more effective along your journey.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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