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Do You Ever Think About How To Use Your Personal Technology?


Recently I bought a new personal technology device. What was interesting is that now I have to rethink where I store files. What information do I put where, so that it is easily found on my desktop computers at work and home. Where should I put my to do list items? What should be kept on my calendar? What apps should I use?

Much time is spent analyzing a software’s user interface. Design thinking is popular now. What buttons to push to get things done.

NO time is spent telling us that we need to figure out who we are in relation to our technology. How dependent are we on it? How disciplined are we in following how we use it?

Phones & tablets have become extensions of our hands. While they are not implants, I can think of nothing closer to being one. Aside from their entertainment factor, we forget to consider how they can add value to our lives.

If we tend to forget things, how will you use your phone or tablet to help you not forget?

When we have trouble remembering to do the little things that are important, where do we make notes to ourselves that we will see, so that we do them?

If you made a commitment to someone, where do you record the commitment so that you either finish it on time or show up when promised?

So if you are not organized and are easily frustrated by it, how can I use technology to help me put things in a certain “place” where I can find them? Can I use the camera to take pictures of receipts or important papers so that I have a copy of them? The note I scribbled on a napkin is easily lost. Should I take a picture of it just to be safe?

After deciding this, then the hard part comes. Will you do the same thing for the same type of item over and until it becomes a habit?

Personal technology today is amazing. With respect to this, we definitely aren’t as good. It’s not for lack of talent. It’s lack of awareness. We need to take the time to follow the footsteps in our lives that repeat themselves often and see where we stumble.

As with many things in life, it’s usually not the situation, but rather how we fit in to it and adapt/react that can be the greatest lever in our lives.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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