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Does Frustration Stop You?


Not every one of our days goes well. We all experience both good and bad ones. Sometimes we hurt, other times we laugh, and at times we feel frustrated. Where nothing seems to be going the way we want. Or where circumstances are such that we feel trapped.

We feel we cannot change anything when we find ourselves frustrated. Disappointment has a different feel to it for we are sad or hurt when things don’t turn out the way we wanted.

Notice, the words describing frustration include “…we cannot change….”. How many times have you felt this in your life? I have seen many people give up when they are frustrated. The story the tell themselves is that it’s hopeless. That there is no way that they see themselves being able to get what they wanted.

Over time, what I have noticed about myself is that when I get frustrated, I now know it to be a signal to explore and move on. That what is in front of me won’t work. The network of people I am around won’t change the outcomes. The equipment salesman that hasn’t returned my call when I needed help is a signal that they will not change.

Staying or continuing to be frustrated is insanity. When you listen to a doctor share her medical results with you that now mean a change in your life’s routine, do you simply accept it and be frustrated for what you have lost or do you embrace what they said and begin to exercise and eat better believing that you will not be stopped by your affliction?

Our lives are too short to let frustration stop you. Embracing the need to explore, learn new things, make different choices or do new things is one aspect of the fountain of youth that is hidden from all of us. Urgently we need to embrace these things helping to make our hearts and minds younger as we grow old.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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