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Doing Too Much


Working hard is a normal part of trying to get ahead in the world. It is the secret to having your dreams come true. Others might look at you and say that you are doing too much. That you should relax and not be so obsessed with trying to achieve your goals. Doing too much when you are working towards your goals is a good thing.

Where I find that doing too much gets us in trouble is when we try to solve multiple problems or issues by doing only one thing. Where what we demand from doing one thing is for that thing to do too much. We don’t consciously do this but it happens frequently.

I find that you do accomplish something even if you are doing too much but there is a lot of effort wasted and the outcomes are never very strong. Decisions, approaches, and processes designed to accomplish one thing end up yielding much stronger positive outcomes for the effort you put in.

The hard part is trying to untangle not only what you see in the situation you are trying to improve but also stop to understand the multiple issues that you feel you need to resolve. Once these two things become clearer in your mind, the better chance you have to narrow your expectations with respect to what you are trying achieve.

Doing too much in most situations just creates friction, wasted effort, and disappointment in the end. Working hard while implementing more narrow solutions will give you a much better chance at moving forward in your life with a smile. Even when some things that are not right don’t get solved the first time you try to improve any situation.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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