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The Draft Picks in our Lives


The NFL has just completed its 2017 draft. New players about to join a team to help them change their performance during the upcoming season. Magical powers are imputed to the young players selected with the hope that they can help bring success during the coming season.

In our lives, we don’t have the ability to do the same thing to change our fortunes. There are no outside people that have the magical power to change our lives.

But interestingly enough we do have the ability to benefit from our own draft picks if we step back and look much deeper. What are they?

  1. The people we meet and choose to be close to.
  2. The opportunities we seek that we are willing to work to realize.

It’s that simple and it’s that hard.

In stories about the NFL draft, you hear of teams spending a year evaluating players on film and in person. Much research is done and still not every draft choice is good enough to help the team. The important thing here is that they never stop trying.

As individuals, we are at a disadvantage. We are always living our lives. We are in the middle of it and not on the sidelines. So a lot of the people we meet and are close to just happen because of our daily routine. The distractions and busyness of our lives precludes us from ever clearly seeing opportunities that would benefit us if we pursue them.

Once we understand this, we need to make time for a quiet day or weekend to think about who we spend our time with and what we spend our time on. Then the difficult part is to decide who and what add positive things to our life bringing it meaning and begin to leave the other people and things behind. Those people and things that drag us down with their negativity and activity within our daily life that leads to dead ends and empty time gone by.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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