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For some of us drama implies the arts, a good play, an engaging story. Drama in “this world” implies high quality and worth watching.

For others, who don’t use the word but live it, drama is a short description of the struggles and continuous conflict that a person has with others. In listening to their stories it’s seems to be constant. Today it’s about this person. A month from now it’s about someone else.

They engage life more as if they were in a bumper car rather than as if they were in an airplane. Something always “burns them” on the inside that they need to react to, they need to be a part of, they need to show others that they are right.

This type of drama always involves people or persons who are not the same as they are and that react differently. I find that people who enjoy drama in their lives are highly emotional, easily discouraged and bruised when they don’t get their way and dominate a situation.

They have a hard time accepting that most times there is more than one interpretation or view of a situation. Their point of view is all they see. It’s the only one that can be correct. Sadly, its the only one that they understand and can follow.

I find that these type of people have little desire to learn. They don’t listen very well. They seem to fall back into the quicksand of their lives bringing the same drama back into their lives — even when the ending wasn’t pleasant.

As I have found, there is a lot to learn every day of our life. We are so imperfect and can always find ways to do things better. We always rush to judge without understanding that the things we do not control become hard to influence and therefore judge.

Sometimes, we simply need to let go, and move on.

Other times, we need to think of what I did wrong to help “create” the drama, and consciously decide that the next time I will do things differently.

Those who like drama feel they have no choice but to fight, engage, and impose their will. Their identities and egos depend on the fight. Their justification as to why they were wronged becomes their ego’s best friend.

Learn to embrace the imperfection of others and to accept them for who they are and not for who they are not.

Let things go when they happened in the past and you find yourself “still standing”.

“They should have known better” is such a weak comment. If a person did no better, you wouldn’t be saying this about them.

“They must learn from this….I have to let them know they were wrong……I won’t let them do this to me again……”

These phrases are asking someone to change. I’m guessing you won’t so why should they?

When dealing with difficult people who enjoy drama in their lives, I find it much easier to walk away. Especially after you have tried to help and they won’t listen making the same mistakes or placing themselves in the same difficult situations that continue to bring drama to their lives.

Drama destroys our possibilities because our emotions get wrapped up in things that usually don’t help us. ┬áDon’t let this happen to you.

You and I have too many things we really want to do. Don’t let others slow us down.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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