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Earning our spot


It’s easy for us to say that we are good at this or that. All of us have talents. Some more evident than others. We like feeling good about ourselves and smile every time we tell someone that we are good at something.

But saying it never makes it so. Whether you work solo or in an organization, it takes time for your skills and expertise to become evident to others. Nothing ever just happens. We never just arrive.

The celebrity was at one time an unknown person. The successful business person at one time struggled. The pianist at one time could not play. The people person who has a large number of contacts of influential people at one time was just like us with a very small circle of friends.

There is a lot more trial and error in our lives. Test, observe and adjust. This type of behavior leads to improved success and effectiveness.

Perseverance and time is what is important to building our credibility and earning our spot. For some, this happens by accident. For others, they set a goal, long ago, to reach a certain point in their lives that only now can be seen by others.

Earning our spot takes many years of hard work. Once you understand this, your patience will increase as well as your tolerance towards continuing on even when things don’t look that good. Tomorrow never looks at the day before and neither should we.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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