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Embracing Relativity: The Wisdom of Aligning Over Absolute Certainties


As I’ve aged, I’ve come to realize that truth and certainty are far from absolutes; they’re intricately relative. Each individual holds a unique perspective on what’s true and certain in any given situation.

A common fallacy is to treat our personal convictions as absolute realities. We vehemently assert our correctness and proclaim to possess the ultimate truth.

So, why do we often disregard alternative viewpoints before deciding our course of action? Sometimes, time constraints force snap decisions. On other occasions, our egos blind us to diverse possibilities. It’s a complex web, isn’t it?

The concept of alignment has taken on a new significance in my life. During my upbringing, my parents never deliberated whether their alignment matched with their family, faith, values, or beliefs. They were content being true to themselves. Everything aligns with this approach.

In contemporary times, I’ve observed that we’re more inclined to deviate from our authentic selves. Fear of rejection or disillusionment holds us back from embracing and expressing our true identities. We rarely pause to consider the existence of alternative perspectives. We’re so convinced of our version of reality that we’re certain it’s the only way.

Our lives lack alignment; we’re trapped in a world of extremes and absolutes. Technology propels us towards a stream of constant learning without providing perspective. Our tech-driven choices of reading, viewing, and browsing often shield us from dissenting viewpoints. We’re confined to echo chambers that validate our existing beliefs.

This process bolsters our egos while rendering them fragile simultaneously.

We habitually opt for absolutes over alignment. Believing in our infallibility is simpler than seeking diverse perspectives before asserting our correctness.

Given our haste towards absolutes, adopting the mindset of a fisherman might serve us better than that of a race car driver. A race car driver’s path is clear; brute force and speed are their tickets to success. Such an approach mirrors the absolutist, the one who remains steadfast in their conviction of being eternally right, racing forward regardless of consequences.

In contrast, a fisherman adjusts their strategies—changing bait, shifting positions, and awaiting optimal conditions—to improve their chances of catching fish. The fisherman aligns their actions, movement, and relationship with nature to maximize their chances. They don’t rely solely on themselves, nor do they cling to absolutes. Instead, they remain vigilant for missed opportunities and open to learning and adjustment.

Becoming more like a fisherman demands leaving our ego behind and suppressing the insistent stranger within us that clouds our judgment. It beckons us to listen, learn, observe, and adapt towards a smoother path forward.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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