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Embracing the Messiness: Navigating the Reality of Pursuing New Ideas


New Ideas, when stated, seductively seem simple when first heard. Thinking there will be little effort required for them to have an impact. They sound great and so certain. Of course, we know that this is not true. Only when we try to build out or execute a new idea, do we find things to become messy.

Why the messiness? After school, the acquiring of new knowledge is never linear. There is no answer key to what you are trying to build or solve. Search finds us chasing down many “rabbit holes” before we find answers that fit. How slow or fast we grasp new concepts changes our rates of learning. Some can hear something once and they understand. Others, including me, need to hear something repeatedly and in slightly different ways to gain understanding.

Our inability to focus for long periods makes learning choppy. Interrupted by our necessary tasks to fulfill the responsibilities of the day.

Acquiring new knowledge may lead to discoveries that send you down new, unexpected paths. More times than not, the new and unexpected (from discovery) creates doubt and uncertainty. Discovery creates side roads, detours, and obstacles that degrade our chance for the immediate impact we felt was so certain when we began.

New knowledge together with discovery helps us form context and perspective around what we are trying to accomplish. Helping us judge the difficulty, and immediacy of the impact of our pursuit and desired outcome. Context and perspective help us make better choices. Creating an informed basis for us to continue pursuing or pivot in a different direction.

Messiness should never stop us from pursuing things that are important to us. It reminds us of the need to be patient and engaged when pursuing new ideas that we believe are important.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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