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My Google Search for the definition of emphasis says that it can mean “special importance, value, or prominence given to something – stress laid on a word or words to indicate special meaning – vigor or intensity of expression.”

We can feel when someone is emphasizing something but aren’t as aware of when we emphasize. Emphasis can be hidden in nuance that is often missed or in the stories we laugh at, in the end, that carry with them a more special meaning for the person sharing them.

Emphasis can be as blinding as a bright sun. Keeping us from considering other possibilities or points of view. For emphasis seems to carry with it an illusion of authority and of being right.

It tends to always come across as insistent. Many times loud. Emphasis can be confirmed when it is repeated. Usually more than a couple of times. As a result, emphasis tends to be selfish and limiting discussion to only its point of view.

When confronted with emphasis, it can feel like standing on a beach as a hurricane arrives. Left exposed and hopeless to counteract the seductive strength of the words spoken.

It can be a great place to hide, when a person is insistent and firm in their point of view. The loudness of their voice can hide their insecurity. Their single mindedness, exposed in conversation, makes you wonder how much of the world they have truly seen.

The challenge for each of us is to reflect on emphasis to see if this article is talking about someone else we know or could it be ourselves?

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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