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End Zones, Anchors, Tension & Slack


A strange collection of words to describe necessary items in our life’s journey.

End zones are the conscious goals we set for ourselves whether a year or 10 years out. End zones are needed so that we don’t drift and wander aimlessly squandering the few days given to us while alive.

Anchors are the beliefs, values, faith, family, and familiar routines that give us a deep sense of belonging when the world around us is most confusing. Anchors help bring stability to our lives amidst turmoil.

Tension is needed in our lives to push us to do more or to do something different. It’s when obstacles exist that we are forced to do our best, most creative work. When we have no choice but to face the tension in our lives and take action. Tension demands action not thought and contemplation.

Slack is having the free time to see the other three and decide which one is weakest in our lives and work on building it further. For strong end zones, anchors and tension, when present together, can propel each of us to a much more mindful and meaningful life over time.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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