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Everything Breaks


Just as certain as we are about the effects of gravity, I contend that I am certain that everything breaks at some point. Popular words such as change, growth, or the need to evolve are ignited by an awareness that what worked is not working as well now.

Sometimes we see or feel this but many times we don’t look any further. We accept the imperfections. Creating stories to tell us we are ok. Then we wake up again the next day to repeat the same story.

Ways we do things, how we spend our days, who we meet and talk to or confide in, how a job is done, the tools we use to do our work, or how we view things are some examples of things that break. But what creates this awareness that everything breaks, if most times we tell ourselves we are ok and repeat our same lives the next day?

Growing intention in our life.

Of thinking about outcomes instead of acting like a tourist

on a trip with your life.

Sailing life’s waters without a map. It’s hard to see if anything is broken when wherever life takes you is good enough. Nothing ever appears broken during these periods in your life.

But the minute you think about where you are or the mediocre outcomes that get you no closer to your goals or dreams and everything changes. The habits, the tools, our knowledge level or our relationships now begin to appear broken. They no longer are delivering what you want or hoped to achieve.

Because we now view them as broken, it becomes easier to accept and embrace change. Not knowing exactly how things will work out, you need to trust the process of search together with trial and error to create a new normal for you and your life.

This is at the core of change. Both uncertainty and trust operating side by side taking us in different directions. Uncertainty pulling us to not trust change while needing the discipline to build trust in the process of change to see your way through the uncertainty.

Emerging stronger and more aligned with your goals and dreams. Paying more attention to the outcomes of your efforts to see how they can still be improved.

“Can still be improved” means that things may break many times during your life. When goals or expectations change. Or life circumstances or needs. Obstacles that pop up unexpectedly deterring you from a goal or dream. Life is so much more fluid then we care to admit.

Embracing the fact that everything breaks, makes it much easier to take the first step towards different choices, approaches and/or trials of new things then you have made in the past. Going down the path of uncertainty while having the trust that things that are broken can now be fixed.

Taking a few of these steps each day and then looking back over the years to see just how far you have come. Once you realized first that everything breaks, by paying more attention to the outcomes of your efforts and how they measure up to your goals and dreams.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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