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Everything Needs a Runway


One of our shortcomings, as humans, is our tendency to simply declare things to happen. We are going to cook dinner. Work on a project. Clean the yard. Complete three things on our to do list. Making our declarations feel like simple events for us to complete. Without thinking about what is involved in order to complete a task.

Everything we do needs a runway before actually doing an activity to completion. Everything. There is always some sort of preparation needed before beginning anything. We take this for granted every single day.

Needing to clean off our desk before beginning our next task. Bringing the rakes, shovels, and bags to the back yard before cleaning it. Reviewing our to do list in the evening before beginning our next new day. Doing research before deciding on an equipment purchase. Talking to others before acting on an organizational situation that has surfaced. For cooking it is going to the grocery store to get the things needed for the recipe. Then getting the proper pans and bowls to mix and cook the ingredients. Arranging all the ingredients in front of us before chopping, mixing or cooking.

Runways are very important to both respect as well as use to our advantage. Not only do airplanes need a runway to take off, but the runway needs to be of sufficient length to give the airpline the time to build up its speed to make it airborne. Depending on the size of the task, some preparation will take longer than others.

Things become easier when we prepare properly. When we stop to use a runway before jumping into any activity that is meaningful for us to complete.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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