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Experiencing Wonder


Wonder is defined as “the emotion we experience when being awe-inspired, amazed, or surprised.” The recent sighting of two planets close together in the solar system and seeing the pictures of the bright star they created was amazing. It evokes wonder within us.

Where does wonder fit into our daily lives? Amidst our to do list, calendar, video meetings, family responsibilities, and amidst our many worries & struggles?

My first reaction to wonder is to think of a child. A toddler who is fascinated by each new thing they touch. Then of travel, with the new and amazing local sights that are so different than our home surroundings.

But can there be more? In the compassion a person shows you in your time of need. The hug that appears at just the right time during your struggle. Your friend whose presence gives you the opportunity to let out all of your frustration without passing judgment. Experiencing the spark of life when we once again get together.

Wonder is so transient and elusive. Yet it can be so energizing if only we can rest & live in the moment to see it. Looking no further nor trying to analyze giving us the unique opportunity to simply smile and enjoy.

Christmas reminds me of wonder as I see the excitement in a child’s eye by a tree full of presents. Feeling sad that as we age, the frequency of wonder in our own lives becomes less frequent. Necessitating our vigilance to find it more thoughtfully in our day.

Wonder and the emotions it generates can bring us closer to our youth and the innocense we once enjoyed when we can find it. But once again, it’s up to us to try.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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