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Exploring Balance


Our first encounter with balance happens early in life. When learning to ride a bike. Not easy to do at first but then becomes invisible to us as we develop our mastery. Everything good about riding a bike reveals itself when we learn how to balance ourselves when using it.

What is not evident, is how balance is present and hidden in many different areas of our lives. It is interesting to note, that imbalance, is much easier for us to see and recognize for what it is. Through imbalance, we can begin to search for balance. For balance itself, is much more difficult to see.

Think of days when we are exhausted, overwhelmed, and drained. Imbalance prevails. Too much to do and no time to rest. Our work is not the best nor is our focus when this happens. There is no fun in our days when this occurs. When we take on less, give ourselves time to rest, and seek out what is important for us to do instead of urgent, we feel better. We get more done. Our thinking becomes clearer. All through the magic of balance.

The isolation COVID-19 created filled our lives with loneliness due to separation. Never seeing anyone in person but only through our phones was difficult for all of us. While we enjoy our times of quiet, we were never exposed to weeks or months being apart from family we love to friends we enjoy spending time with. COVID-19 created an imbalance in our lives which did not feel good at all. When life returned to normal where we could be with each other, balance once again helped make us feel much better.

Strong emotions create an imbalance in our lives. Anger, frustration, envy, or feelings created by damaged egos blind us to seeing ways past them. Becoming more patient, rational, or logical is born when we seek balance. Empowering us to overcome our self-inflicted strong emotions to find paths forward.

Priorities, importance, and urgency confuse us into imbalance. Bouncing from one to another randomly or when we focus only on one thing without ever seeing the merits of the other. Seeking a north star in our lives to live by is a way to call upon balance to help stabilize us, and bring clarity into our lives. Evaluating things within the messiness of our lives through the context of our values of how we want to live our lives combined with the goals we want to accomplish establishes a base of balance to better operate.

Diet, exercise, and weight outcomes can either be in balance (weight maintenance) or out of balance. (weight gain or intentional weight loss). Our bodies themselves have many pathways to maintain balance within them. This phenomenon called homeostasis is a first cousin of balance.

Effective listening demands you remain balanced no matter what you hear. Never jump to extremes or become upset at what you hear in the moment. But continue to explore to compare and contrast against your balanced thoughts before you reply. A good friend and mentor of mine always said “Be quick to think and slow to speak”. Much more good comes out of human interactions when you are balanced. Open to other ideas long before you attempt to judge them.

We can choose to ignore imbalance when it appears. (Surprisingly, sometimes we don’t even recognize we are imbalanced even though it is more evident from afar.) Or we can choose to seek more balance in many areas of our life leading to more happiness and effectiveness in each of our days. The choice is up to you to notice both imbalance and balance when they appear and then choose wisely.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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