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Disagreements that seem unsolvable many times truly are. Different points of view can clash without compromise when each person’s worldview is rigid. They battle it out either until one person gives in or one person leaves without resolving the disagreement.

What is never easily evident is that for disagreements to result in resolution there needs to be some learning that occurs in either one or both individuals that disagree. But new learning will only occur after it causes some doubt in a person’s worldview.

For there to be change in how we think, we first need to consider the possibility that our thinking is wrong in some aspect. When this occurs, doubt is created. We become uncomfortable with doubt. We want to always be so certain.

If we can allow for doubt to make us think twice about what we are thinking we have a chance to enlarge our world and begin to piece together a slightly different worldview. Once this happens, we then might be able to find some common ground with the person we disagree with.

Giving a little bit to move past a disagreement between two people so that they come to a new understanding together is possible. And it can happen without one person giving in. Sometimes you need to walk away if the other person isn’t willing to find a new level of understanding.

But to get to a better place, always remember it has to begin with some doubt. And to change the discussion with another person, we need to both learn more and change how we think first to then move forward in our lives.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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