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Fear and Avoidance


Fear of flying, dogs, and heights are real. We know, with certainty, how we will behave when placed in these situations. It is very hard to break someone of any of these types of fears. Most use the certainty of their behavior as a justification for avoidance.

Avoidance, can use fear as its justification in a much different context. We use this often, both as individuals as well as when we participate in groups, without even knowing it. It’s a reflex inside of us that tries to keep us protected and safe. Even when we confidently proclaim that we have no fears.

When we avoid making a decision, or doing something new/different, or choosing between two desirable options —- we get stuck and stop. When asked why this is happening it is common to hear “because I or we fear this or that”! ┬áIt’s fascinating to hear this explanation when there are no facts to back up the fact that we can predict the future.

Avoidance because of danger or placing ourselves at risk is prudent. Avoidance because we understand, with certainty, the outcome when confronted by a fear makes sense.

Avoidance because of a fear of it not happening is simply an excuse. You get to choose. Don’t make the same mistake twice.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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