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Feeling Entitled


There is hardly a more lonely and deceiving place to be when you feel entitled. When you expect things to go a certain way or people to decide a certain way simply because it’s you.

Without realizing it, once you believe that you are entitled, all of your systems shut down. You tend to float through your days feeling that there are no consequences for whether you perform or not. All ambition flees, because by believing you are entitled, you believe that everything is pre-determined. That you have no impact or choice in your future.

What’s interesting, is that the prince who feels that they are entitled to be the king, may someday rule. And then what? You can longer float through your days. Ambition is needed to lead. All of your systems need to be working yet you have had little practice up until now.

Feeling entitled gives you a false sense of confidence that makes it harder to really see what is happening around you. The feedback and communication given to you by others goes right passed you, without stopping for you to comprehend what is being said.

It’s always when you think you are on the receiving end of something that feeling entitled takes root. Feeling entitled is a figment of your imagination that is supported and encouraged by your ego. It has no basis in reality. When this sentiment is strong within you, there usually is no feeling of entitlement towards you by those who can decide your immediate future.

Can you push this feeling of entitlement to those that have the power to decide or give? To choose you because they believe you are entitled? Without you ever feeling entitled?

There is by doing the exact opposite of what a person who feels entitled is doing, First, you must start by having no expectations of what will come next. Yes, you should have goals and life long dreams, but they need to guide and not overpower you in the moment.

You need to give, work hard, and as Gary Vaynerchuk says “Squeeze every opportunity you find so hard so that you can get all of the juice out of it.” Because you don’t know what your next opportunity will be, how long it will be until the next opportunity appears, or whether your current one will be short lived.

It’s always what you give, produce, and share that will give others the evidence that you are worthy of something more.  Do this daily, from a place of humility, and great things will happen.

At their own pace, in their own time, and with their own wisdom.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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