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Feeling Overwhelmed


There are times when there is a lot happening in our lives. Both things that are unexpected as well as intentional projects that take on lives of their own.

Our focus becomes challenged during weeks like this. Numerous items to do. Where it feels like you are standing in an intersection waiting to get run over. Time is too fast when feeling overwhelmed. The clock must be wrong, for too much time has passed with little to show for it. Our pile of to dos is still quite high.

Once understanding that having some slack or space in your day is the only way to get time to think, amplifies this feeling of being overwhelmed. I find that I am more creative and intentional when there is some space in my days. Counter intuitively, its where I make the most progress and I feel I do my best work.

There is no magic answer to overcome feeling overwhelmed. It happens sometimes. None of us can avoid it. The best we can do is to endure it. While doing one thing at a time until our list of to dos becomes smaller.

This week, is one of those weeks for me.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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