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Finding Clarity Amidst the Chaos: A Path to Impactful Productivity


In today’s fast-paced world, we regularly seek new apps and tools promising to enhance our productivity and make life easier. It’s easy to fall into the trap of downloading app after app, believing they hold the secret to unlocking our true potential. I was guilty of this mindset, thinking that the more apps I had, the more productive I would become. However, reality taught me a valuable lesson.

The Turning Point: Embracing Clarity

During a moment of reflection, I realized the flaw in my approach. I wasn’t becoming more effective; in fact, I was becoming overwhelmed by the sheer number of tools at my disposal. The turning point came when I decided to search for clarity (not productivity) in my life by………..

  1. Assess and Declutter: I started by evaluating all the apps and tools I was using. Asking myself, “Do I need all of these?” I discovered that many of them served redundant purposes or were seldom used. So, I decluttered my digital toolbox, keeping only the essentials. This addition by subtraction works equally well for evaluating everything we do in a day that we think is important but may not be.
  2. Set Clear Priorities: Setting priorities is the hardest task of the three listed here. Clarity can be discovered by setting priorities. It starts with what you want to accomplish. Either personally or professionally. And then working backward by thinking through what you need to do to get there. Simple yet difficult because there are many paths you can take to get somewhere. The art of this process is judging what paths have greater chances of success before embarking on them.
  3. Mindful Usage: Instead of mindlessly toggling between various apps, I decided to use only a few mindfully. I allocated specific time slots for checking emails, social media, and other digital tasks. This allowed me to regain control of my time by creating processes and routines to simplify my day by filling it with more meaningful activities.

While I am far from perfecting the pursuit of clarity in my own life, I now better understand the need & importance of completing step 2 in my evolving attempts to become more productive by filling my days with activity that generates more impact and less busy work.

Conclusion: Identifying Activities That Lead to Impact is Difficult

The many paths we can take to achieve something can be confusing. Our busy days leave us little time for reflection to sort things out. We want so many different things or need to overcome so many challenges it becomes overwhelming to decide what should we pursue first.

Do we know enough to cobble together activities that lead to impact? Are there enough resources of time, money, or network of individuals who can help accomplish what we want to do?

As we get older, being busy loses its luster. Replacing it with activities based on intention and clarity is the perfect match to counter our loss of stamina as we age for time becomes more precious with each passing year.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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