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Finding Joy


It’s hard to identify anyone around us who ever talks about joy. “A feeling of great pleasure” is how the internet defines it. A joy that is not rare but enduring in everything we do. For it is in joy, where we take great pleasure of doing. Finding energy, focus, & detail, with the ability to both embrace and overcome challenge.

Our lives have devolved into what is missing, frustrating, and seemingly impossible to overcome. Self centered on our own beliefs and ideas at the expense of community. Lacking time, feeling pressure, with our focus on an specific, single irritant as opposed to a balanced view of a whole picture of the situation we currently face.

Where is the joy in our hearts to simply be alive? To wake up to a new day, each day.

Where is the joy in our hearts for the choices we ourselves alone make?

Where is the joy in our hearts that bring authenticity and energy to every person and task we encounter?

For next to love, finding joy has a depth and energy about it that is almost as powerful in a transformative way. Reflecting great pleasure in all we do, brings a newness and excitement that discovers patience, once missed, when all of our focus was solely on irritants & negativity.

Bringing peace to our soul and impact into our lives as we continue to become more human.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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