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Finding the boundary


Self awareness is a rare character trait that most of us don’t have. Certainly, none of us have it across all dimensions of our (supposed) skills. We always have some blind spots. Things we are not aware of about ourselves.

Finding the boundary, the fence that traps us from pushing through, rarely comes from the inside of us out. Our dreams have no boundaries. Our aspirations have no limits. Our abilities (so we think) are always more than we need to succeed.

The less self aware a person is, the more I hear that what is said is not based on truths or knowledge. We dismiss what hurts us in hearing, as the result of an uninformed outlier. Someone who does not understand a situation well.

What I have found to be true and helpful is that you need new voices or outside perspective to begin to feel and see a boundary. More than the obstacle that is prominent in a situation. finding the boundary of our thinking, perspective, and our being can be much more trans formative in our growth as a person, parent, friend, or leader.

Finding the boundary of who we are is a life long journey. Things that frustrate us, in our daily life, can be caused by others but most times it is fueled by who we are and who we are not. It’s ok to be yourself. I would and you should be excited by who you are.

Understand that finding the boundary within us, is a more powerful lever to positive change, than simply thinking outside of the box. No amount of money, resources, or time can deliver the power that understanding the boundary within us can generate.

For once we understand the boundary within us. we can begin to chip away, soften, and change its essence. Our silent fear that was fed by the boundary within us weakens. What we thought we could not do turns into things we are willing to try.

Understanding that, in the end, helps turn us into life long learners and provides us with a journey through life that both surprises as well as enriches the lives of everyone around us as we continue to grow.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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