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Finish Lines and Next Chapters


Life’s interesting. When growing up we tend to focus on finish lines. The day I graduate. The day I can go for my drivers license. The times that we remember vividly as markers in our life.

Yet as we age, we begin to see that finish lines are simply an illusion. When we finish something, the next thing appears for us to focus on. Life doesn’t stop when we finish something. Crossing the finish line on a project, an idea, or a deadline simply means we now have time for something else.

Life always demands we write the next chapter in our lives in a book that never ends. As our skills improve and strengthen, more is asked of us the next time. Never is it less. For our memories are short and this demands we now create something new.

What we did is now gone. What we choose to do next is what is now most important.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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