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Follow Through is a Much Needed Skill


At a party we boast how we will do this or that. In a meeting with tell others we are confident in what we will complete. Our voice sharing what we will do is loud. It’s exciting. Just saying it makes us feel so good. Others agreed with us that “it” was good to do. No conflict. Smooth sailing. The “end” is crystal clear.

The next morning comes and quickly disappears into the night. This pattern repeats itself until our first week becomes a distant memory. Where is “the end” we boasted about completing? It was so clear and achievable a week ago when we said it. Why did it disappear so quickly before the first dawn?

We must realize that getting things done is never powered by words alone. Only with actions, do intentions become real. Actions that take life during the silent moments of our life not seen by others. This is the essence of follow through. Where accountability calls us to be responsible no matter what the obstacles or the effort required. Without fanfare. Without any spotlight on us. Without words.

Plant the tomatoes that you told us you wanted so badly. Buy the bicycle you said you always wanted to ride. These moments will only happen during the silence of your follow through. There is no other way to create progress or change into our lives except with follow through.

To win the day: Remember clearly what you said before the silence appears. Then bind intention to commitment leading to tangible next steps you actually take. Making follow through your secret weapon for bringing choices to life that you feel are most important to create & experience.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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