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Follow Through Is Always Silent


We always show confidence when we declare to others what we will do. The voice of “wanting to do” is loud. It’s exciting. Just saying it makes us feel so good. Others agree with us that “it” is good for us to do. No conflict. Smooth sailing. The “end” always seems crystal clear as we state our intention.

But something strange happens. Everyone leaves and we are now alone. The seats in the theater are now empty with only the janitor sweeping the floors. The next morning comes and quickly disappears into the night. This pattern of time passing quickly, repeats itself until our first week rapidly becomes a memory.

Where is “the end” that we boasted about completing when others were near? It was so clear and achievable a week ago when we were together. Why did our interest disappear so quickly before the month even ends?

Follow through thrives within the silence of our lives and its quiet moments. Neither needing the spotlight or noise of a crowd to do its work. Follow through is so shy, yet so necessary to get things done. Almost never to be seen by others. Misguiding us often by simply stating “we will do” as if ‘it” was finished before we begin.

Many times we never do what we say in public we will do. Plant the tomatoes that you told us you wanted to plant so badly. Buy the bicycle you said you always wanted to ride. These moments will only happen during our follow through during the silence. There is no other way.

Follow through (not your voice) needs to be our stronger muscle. Remembering clearly what we said is critical to beginning. Where the loneliness & silence that follows, should remind & encourage us to do the hard work ahead to move us towards completion.

If only we can be focused and disciplined enough,

to regularly use follow through to better enjoy our tomorrows.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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