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Everything is fragile


When the sun greets us in the morning we feel refreshed and alive. Off to work we go, drop kids off at school, check off our lists of things we needed to do, and keep our phone close to us as our favorite companion.

There is a certainty and feeling of stability around our lives (most times) that occurs daily. We look forward to the weekend. Our birthdays are marked early on our calendar. Next month’s party plans begin today.

But life and its many routines, friendships and organizations we participate in are not as stable or predictable. Our health could suddenly create new challenges for us in our lives. A conversation or decision could rapidly entangle us into a spiral of events that feel so much like quicksand. A car accident has changed many a life.

Sales could fall off where we work and we suddenly find ourselves without a job. A new boss enters our life and we no longer see how we fit in. Our family time erodes and issues crop up with our children.

We become so tired, at times, with life, without ever realizing that we too are fragile. Our feelings get hurt. We become disappointed. We trust and sometimes we are betrayed.

This fabric of life is full of texture and is never very smooth.

Understanding that everything around us is fragile gives us a deeper perspective as to why we need to stay engaged, involved, and mindful in our daily life of everything around us.

What is here today can be gone tomorrow unless we choose to help cultivate, maintain, and be a part of the life we enjoy and participate in.

We cannot continue to be passive observers for those things in life we value. For over time, with no involvement, they easily can be gone.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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