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Fresh Sheets of Paper


We take them for granted. A child most likely will draw a picture. A student might practice their math. An adult most likely will use it in a printer to print a spreadsheet, a letter or even a story.

Fresh sheets of paper always represent something new. The note we just took to call someone or do something. The recipe we wanted to remember to try for the first time. The quote we wrote down that we don’t want to forget. The numbers we want to share for a reason.

While it appears that papers filled with words and reminders simply help record the past, they in truth become our guide to our future. What we will do next or will share. The reminder we wrote that will make it easier for us to accomplish something tomorrow.

Our use of fresh sheets of paper proves that all of us are creative. That all of us have the ability to map out our next steps by what we write or record. Our fresh sheets of paper provide glimpses into the choices we are making. Where we are spending our time. What is important to us.

Fresh sheets of paper are such a wonderful tool we dismiss without thought. Abandoning them for a smartphone or tablet and shredding them with insensitivity, without regard for the power they can help create.

Words written down can have such power and impact when thought of in this way.

In our silence, fresh sheets of paper provide us opportunity without judgment. Always remembering that what we choose to write down, do and or share always connects us to our future.

It’s as simple to start as is picking up a pen.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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