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We all have experienced frustration. It paralyzes and defeats most of us. A few, ignore it and move on. Frustration leads to our expression of emotion where we begin to not think clearly and simply give up.

Frustration is most like a car accident. We are going about our daily lives and suddenly we realize that something just isn’t working. That no matter how hard we try we cannot see reaching the goal we set out to achieve. Unexpectedly this realization consumes our life just like a car accident that stops us in our tracks.

Other times, frustration creeps into our life like a slow seepage of water in a basement. We try hard to ignore the negative feelings that frustration supports. But over time it becomes more difficult and at some point we give up. All of a sudden our basement is flooded and all we can do is cry.

The hardest part of frustration is the need to separate yourself from the outcomes you are seeing. We always play a role in the outcomes we see. We have trouble figuring out where we were caught by surprise, what other ways could we have approached the situation to better reach our goal, and what things could I have done differently.

Emotion always blinds us. Uncontrollable love. Rage caused by hate. The intensity of a fight between two people. Emotion always blinds us.

Frustration is something that happens to all of us and the worst part of frustration is how our feelings of disappointment are amplified by our emotion. Frustration is a blinding event. We need to be aware of this bad thing that frustration nurtures.

Acknowledge frustration when it appears and for what it is. Then move on to regroup and change approaches to better get to the goal we wanted so badly.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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