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The New Year’s focus is always on what will happen in the new year. What we wish will happen as well as what we resolve to do (think diets or exercise).

Reflection is not part of this holiday. No quiet time exists as we get dressed to go out for our New Year’s celebration. Yet in the few minutes I stole from this holiday, it occurred to me that my greatest growth as a person always occurred when I had to go through it.

The tough situations where you are not in control of the outcome. Where there are no easy answers and many times pain. When things appear against you. Some by your own doing and others that were not.

When confusion swirls in both your head and your heart. Telling everyone you are ok when you hurt, so deeply, inside. Where tough choices are all that you see and made tougher by the fear of the unknown that we experience before making them.

Never realizing that there is always a better tomorrow after we go through it. Always. This is what should make us optimistic and why it fits this New Year holiday.

New Year’s is filled with smiles, laughter and optimism for the new year. Reflection can find its place if you let it.

Going through it is never easy but so important in the formation of our character and lives. Parents get it wrong when raising their children. They go out of their way to keep their children from facing disappointment and frustration early in their lives. Making them weaker instead of strengthening their resilience.

Don’t make the same mistake with your own life. My wish for the New Year is that you find the courage to face your challenges, patience with trust to go through it, understanding that you will be both ok and stronger for it down the road.

You are too important not to try. Happy New Year!

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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