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Going past the finish line


Recently I was involved in a situation, that while I knew the context of the issue, I did not have a clear idea in my mind as to how to help. Different ideas were discussed but after those voices disappeared, I still was left with great uncertainty. Others seemed content but I was not.

Over the next couple of weeks I explored further. I asked more questions and talked to people I respected that were close to the situation. As those discussions unfolded, a different path emerged that I felt was workable.

As it turned out, the extra work I put in gave me a direction which I pursued, in subsequent group conversations, that proved beneficial.

Someone commented afterwards about how effective I had been in helping to break through on this specific issue with a fairly large group. I didn’t have a good answer how I did it.

Upon reflection, what occurred to me, is I tend to go further, explore more, and think deeper after others have decided that they had already reached the finish line over an issue. It’s not for everyone, but I can tell you that going past the finish line by continuing to put in more work is where some of the most fertile ground is for new or different ideas.

For me, nothing has come easily in life. I’ve made an incredible amount of mistakes. And it has taken a long time for me to gain traction in both my business and life.

Incorporating this habit of going past the finish line could, over time, bring you new understandings, better context, and clearer thinking in times where life demands you be more effective.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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