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Half way


Doing anything half way is very alluring. What we like to do we do first. Those things that are needed but we don’t like to do are left undone. What is interesting is that our words spoken never act in the same way. Or do they?

Normally, we all easily speak of things we intend to do. Never with any doubt. But also rarely with a spoken date for completion nor an explanation of the needed journey to get there. Our words ignore the details in favor of telling a story that others would envy in terms of what we say we are going to accomplish.

Lack of time and distractions are the quickest excuses given when we go only half way. It’s obvious that what we said we were going to get done will not get done when we only go half way. So what is the big deal if this happens?

Time continues to pass and if something was important for you to get done to make a change in your life, for the better, it most likely won’t happen. Your circumstance will not change and the routine, that you desperately want to escape, begins to tighten its grip on your life.

Half way is even more dangerous when it involves others. When our decisions are not well thought out or when they are rushed. Or when others need our decision to provide them with a direction that they can follow.

In this situation, things become confused and muddled. Unintended conflicts or actions occur simply because all of the people involved are not on the same page. Their minds interject meaning or interpretation as a response to the lack of decisions or the unexplained result of half way thinking. Situations become more difficult when this occurs.

Clarity in our thought and completion of what we set out to do are the only ways we can get traction in our lives. To have the courage and the persistence to see things through by following through on things that we don’t like to do, don’t know how to do, or don’t want to do. To make both the pleasant and unpleasant decisions necessary to keep ambiguity out of the minds around you.

Being accountable to ourselves and others begins and ends in the same way we should handle all things we want to accomplish. By starting at the start and not stopping until we reach their end.

Half way is a way to describe why someone is lazy. Don’t be lazy in your life for it passes quickly.


Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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