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Happy New Year


New Year’s Day is a holiday for the future, where our world is momentarily free of disappointments, struggles, and unfulfilled dreams. Each of us possess super powers at exactly midnight at the height of our celebration. Nothing is impossible while the celebration feels so good.

I look at New Year’s Day in a different way as I have gotten older. It is a day to give thanks. For everything we have enjoyed during the past year. For all of our loved ones and those we shared our love with. For all of our new experiences. For surviving our hardships and struggles. Enjoying our few successes while helping others. Seeing our children grow and mature more during the past year. Welcoming new grandchildren into our lives. Keeping the memory of those no longer with us close in our hearts.

Make sure you take time to be thankful on this day, amidst the noise of our celebration, for the future remains unknown while the past is now so certain.

As the New Year fades, it will once again be hard to learn new things, change old habits, reach out to help more people, persist when we are tired, attempt to accomplish more and different things, as well as endure the struggles we have yet to face.

Happy New Year! Enjoy this brief moment of rest before day two of the new year arrives.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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