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Heading in the wrong direction


As I listen and observe people in situations, it fascinates me to see how people react to them. In almost all cases, they cling to their beliefs when in fact they need to change either how they look at a situation or change their behavior or choices in order to breakthrough the obstacle they face.

I see those that feel left out or excluded will do this themselves. They too leave others out and exclude them.

I see those that complain that they need to change their situation do exactly the opposite and continue to do the same.

I see those that are hurt by people’s words or actions, again, do the same thing. They begin to say things or do things to hurt or they become vindictive to others in much the same way.

I see those that don’t believe in an idea, a decision, or a direction become trapped by defending their position while condemning what they just heard instead of stopping to listen and process what the other side is saying.

All of these cases are examples of heading in the wrong direction. I have come to think that it is natural, part of our human nature, to go in the wrong direction when situations require us to go the other way.

To be included, you first must include.

To change your situation, you need to do something different.

When hurt by people’s words or actions, we need to love and forgive and be patient during the storm.

Upon hearing different ideas than our own, we must first stop, listen, and accept other person’s world views instead of condemning them.

Everyone talks about “thinking out of the box”. Everyone talks about “getting out of our comfort zone”. To do any of this, we first must fight our habits and go in the opposite direction of what our first instincts tell us to do.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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