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Health is Life’s Biggest Driver


My last post was on February 1st of this year. I came down with pneumonia about this same time, taking me almost a month to get most of my energy back. My wife concurrently had some back issues, taking us into new territory with the unscheduled disruption of our daily routines. Both of us “down” was something we never experienced before.

During the last few weeks, as I caught up on my work and my wife now feeling much better, we were shown firsthand, how important our health is in allowing us to live our lives. Everything stopped when we were sick. Especially now that we are older.

Our daily lives are filled with responsibilities, deadlines, opportunities, and dreams, together with our share of obstacles, problems, and stress. All were silenced when we were sick and unable to attend to them. Interestingly, they waited until we felt better. When we had the energy and interest to focus on them.

During this silence, the opportunity arose to hit a reset button. To not only feel better but to become refreshed in ways that were not apparent before. With life slowing down, it became much easier to see some of the clutter in my life. Selfishly, I took the first few weeks of March to explore this silence while still disconnected from much of the outside world.

Whether it was emails that no longer interested me, papers that needed to be thrown out, or issues that I thought were important now faded out of view. Finding out that not everything is urgent or important although we perceive most things to be.

Waking up from a difficult February, I was reminded how my health controlled my calendar. Not I. Forever grateful, that our health issues were finite. While not chronic, our February made us more aware of the fragility of our lives. Making us thirst more for friends, laughter, and connection.

Feelings deep inside that even when healthy, our busy calendars force us to miss.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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