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Hearing About Others’ Accomplishments


It’s satisfying to hear of other peoples accomplishments. Things that they worked hard to realize. Having them share their story with enthusiasm.

But then after hearing it, we sometimes feel a little bit empty or sad. Look at what they did (we say) and I have done nothing (so we think). Sometimes we internally respond with jealousy. I am older than they are and have accomplished less. I went to better schools and have less to show for it.

Hearing about others accomplishments always makes us turn inward to measure ourselves against what we have just heard. It’s human nature. But it’s not right.

We will never know how hard they worked to get to where they are. You see, what looks to be luck never is in life. Either the person worked hard to put themselves in a position to take advantage of an opportunity (looks like luck) or outside events aligned with what a person’s work has been focused on (or a combination of both).

Our talents all differ. The strengths we have individually never easily translate to the next person that crosses our path. So neither can another person’s successes.

If we don’t feel as successful as the stories we have heard of others’ accomplishments, that just means we need to reflect upon what we are currently doing and what we want to achieve. Maybe the goal is wrong or the tactics we are using to get there are not right or powerful enough. Or the effort is not enough for the size of our ambition.

Hearing about others’ accomplishments should spark a self-awareness to determine both why we are sad about what we have just heard and identify the weak points in our current path that keeps us from succeeding at a higher level.

Success is always earned and short-lived. Understanding both upfront, gives us the advantage of being open to hard work, frequent adjustments, and continued learning as we age along the walk on our journey of life.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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