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Here I am


All alone. Things didn’t turn out the way I thought. Was it me? Was it them? Why didn’t I see it coming? Was the situation that bad? What do I do now?

Most everything in life happens over time. We spend at least 12 years in school. For some it could be 16-20 years in school. Building a career happens over a lifetime. Raising a family could take 20-30 years depending on the number of children you have. Losing 10 pounds never happens in a day.

Good things, that last, rarely appear in an instant. Bad things, that we now are aware of, also took time to build as well.

Think about our journey through life. So certain in what we want to do and what we believe. Too lazy to keep testing, learning, and adjusting along the way. Too busy to notice who we are and how we influence and interact within the world we live.

The stories, both good and bad, never revolve around only us. Yes, many times, lots of other things contribute to where we find ourselves today. We have a hard time distinguishing what “they” did to contribute to our current circumstance and what we did to make others act the way they did in situations leading up to where we are.

Silence and loneliness fill the walls around us when saying here I am. Their strength in messaging hits us boldly trying to get us to see that it never is always about others but squeezes us to look more closely at who we are and what we did to contribute.

Tomorrow is always uncertain. The good thing is that we are the ones that we know the most about (as well as the least). Our abilities and reflection should always give us the hope that change must begin with ourselves based on the knowledge that once again it will take time to build a new future.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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