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Hidden Structures


One of the hardest things to understand is just how organized most things are when they are running smoothly. There are always hidden structures behind most effective experiences.

Things that are done and things that are not done. Stuff that’s done daily — rain or shine. Rules to prevent shortcuts from being used.

We never see the exercise the person who looks fit in his 50s does regularly or see the food they choose not to eat. Nor the hours spent reading and learning for the person in your office to be so knowledgeable about databases or is so fluent in discussing so many different topics.

Life demands us not only to “do” but to figure out what “not to do”. It’s the what “not to do” that brings hidden structures their strength. We overlook this important factor by sweeping under the rugĀ  the word “discipline”. It’s super important, overused and not well understood.

Try to uncover hidden structures that make people or companies so effective in what they do. It’s the key to their success. What things are non-negotiable that are done every day without fail. Especially what is not done nor considered. (The two sides of discipline.)

Understanding how hidden structures support success will give you the perspective you need to begin building them yourself so that you too can become more effective.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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