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The home run


Someone was telling me that “if we can hit a home run we will be in much better shape”. In many group discussions you hear of the great idea that will save or push us “through”. Conversations with friends include the phrase “when I have or get this” things will be so much better.

I tried to look at my life and find an instance where I hit a home run. And I couldn’t.

Graduating college was great. Maybe that was a home run? Not really, it took 4 years.

Getting an masters in business was great. Home run? Not really, it took me 2.5 years of night school.

Coming back into a family business? Not really. While rewarding, there has been years of effort put in to survive.

(Either I am just unlucky or there is something more.)

Try describing something in your life that you could look back and say was a home run. What struck me was how we hope and talk of hitting a home run in life and are never aware that we have never done it. Never experienced it. And most likely never will.

Everything we enjoy in life comes through effort. Time is needed, as our patience, in striving for things that are important to us.

We should stop talking of home runs and simply look to see what is in front of us and “begin”. Quickly we will find ourselves further along with each day that passes.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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