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How Much We Notice & Care is Vitally Important For a More Fulfilling Life


Red flowers. Yellow flowers. Purple flowers. Large ones. Orange ones. Small ones. Bought from a store. Growing wild in a field. Displayed proudly in a yard. They seem to be everywhere.

I find flowers fascinating in that all of us love their beauty, color, and brightness. Flowers have a way of erasing the clouds in the sky and those deep in our hearts. Flowers, without ever saying a word, find a way to always make us smile. They are so fragile yet feel so powerful.

They never tap us on the shoulder nor are they ever the loudest in a room. A flower’s humility should become our example for it seems like it is never about them but all about making us feel better and making us smile.

Their journey on earth is a great example for us in that time is needed for their beauty to appear. They always need sun, soil, and rain to nourish them helping them become strong. You see, they too can never do it by themselves.

Weeds, insects, and animals threaten their very existence regularly yet they do not discourage flowers from their journey towards bloom. Regardless of their circumstances flowers always seem to persist.

They rarely choose their home yet make the most, of what they find around them. It’s true, sometimes they just can’t make it, but they are certain in their belief that others around them will persevere and develop into what they dream of becoming – the most beautiful flower they can be.

No two flowers are ever the same. You see it’s never about who they are and is all about who they become and the beauty they can share. Flowers add much to other persons’ lives when they notice their presence around them. Do we?

The funny thing about life is that there are those that don’t notice the flowers, others that take flowers for granted, some that take notice, and still others that work side by side with them noticing every day they grew an inch and remembering the day that they bloom.

My sadness comes from many not understanding that —- how much we care and how much we notice is vitally important for a more fulfilling life while our focus and attention have everything to do with who we become.

We can do more with the depth of our experiences than we think.

We can do more with our life experiences than we think.

Think of these things and listen

the next time you find yourself near a beautiful flower.

Make its presence and beauty your example as well as your hope knowing well what it took a flower “to get there”.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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