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How Often Do You React?


To what a person says? Or does?

When situations do not turn out as we thought they would?

When obstacles get in our way? Or situations with others continue to pester us?

Reaction is a reflex that is untrained and free of logic. It is a selfish act that centers only on you. When all you do is react to something without thinking. Reaction protects us by keeping us free of any blame for it always is a response to something outside of ourselves.

Short circuiting our logic to following the strong feelings of our heart in the moment. Blinding our skill and experience making us miss things that we should consider.

The next time you find yourself bothered by something, that lingers in your mind over and over, it’s time to force yourself to stop. Walk away for a bit so that you can regroup and regain your sight and logic to look at your situation with distance.

Giving you a better chance to see pitfalls in your initial reaction and emotional solution so that you don’t take two steps back as you try to move past what now bothers you.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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