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How Will I Do This The Next Time?


This is a new question for me that has become my friend. Suprisingly, “how will I do this the next time” is the first thing I consider now when needing to do anything. For if you pay attention, we end up doing many of the same types of things on a regular basis. Prompted in part by our work, responsibilities, and interests.

The struggle to find something needed haunts me for years. Revisiting what is the best way to do something, over and over, wears me out. Questioning why something continues to be hard, every time I do it, leaves me searching for something different. All leading me to feel sad, yet hopeful, that I have more to learn and master.

Asking “how will I do this the next time” first admittedly slows me down. What happens next is interesting. My mind’s focus changes to “what do I need to do this again”. Not rushing to finish but rather to better understand the ways I think and do. Then first deciding where and how I will accomplish it when asked again. Finishing by then filling in the parts placed in their proper place and order for what now is in front of me for completion.

Let’s look at an example. If you enjoy cooking, there are always recipes for you to try. As an avid reader, you regularly come across new dishes to create. Inspired to please others, your mind rushes to the perfect dish you read about a while ago. Then it happens. Where did I put it? Why can’t I find it? With frustration closing in on your spirit, quickly extinguishing the energy created by your yearning for experiencing something new.

The next time you come across a recipe you want to keep is where you will need to do things diferently. Moving quickly past the excitement of trying it some day, to focus on where should I put this recipe so that I can find it easily. Magically you begin to think of your favorite cookbook where you could collect all printed recipes. Or setting up a specific folder on your computer labelled recipes where you will commit to store each new one you come across. And so on.

Mastering this step of creating structure around common tasks will lead to creating simplicity and flow in your life. Then letting the path of this created structure guide you the next time you are challenged by a similar task. It’s the discipline of following this process to construct structure around tasks and then following the same structure when asked to do them again that frees us.

Breaking the shackles of life’s dull routines. Giving us time back to notice something new, visit with a friend or loved one, and simply watch a day’s sunset with a smile from your heart that is now more at peace for the many tasks “well done” with much less frustration in your day.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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