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Human Interaction is a Key To Life Even With All Of Its Difficulties


The pandemic forced all of us into different routines. Most notably, home sheltering & working from home created isolation in our lives. From those fearful to leave their home to others who were foced into endless Zoom calls to make up their work day.

As we begin to gather again, I see such joy in people’s faces just to be with each other. To hear the laughter of another’s voice. The spontaneous question that appears in conversation. Unrehearsed for everyone present to hear at the same time.

Our recent experiences with the pandemic confirmed that human interaction is so necessary for our lives. Both mentally and emotionally. Making a difficult day easier when we are with others. Breaking up the boredom in our day while present together face to face. Helping to create comfort in our hearts using the spark of conversation to find the missing laughter & joy in our lives.

When we reflect we find human interaction is far from perfect and prone to many errors. Misunderstandings & incomplete information that lead us to wrong conclusions. Nuance that is hard to perceive. Bias that distorts our judgment. Ego that blinds us to the world around us for we see no one but ourselves. Where the urge to speak stops us from listening. Or time pressures that stress the minutes we share together. And so on…….

Human interaction is most energizing when none of these things are present. When we are innocent entering a conversation. Listening as if time was endless. And curious rather than judgmental at the wonder others choose to share.

The closest human interactions occur when we are fully present in the moment. This is where true human connection occurs. Both in deep or respectful friendship as well as with love. No distractions. Leaving your worries aside for a brief moment to let others fill your ears with their world, their emotions, ideas or concerns as well as their hurt. Fully absorbing what they say before ever formulating the first words of our response.

We thirst for the creation of this depth and richness facilitated through meaningful human interaction. The more regular this occurs the better. Regardless of the difficulties. Demanding that we work hard to leave the past as well as our faults & pressures behind. Using practice as our sharpening tool, as well as our lever, towards more meaningful human interactions through out each of our days.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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