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I Need to Finish……


Work has been intense the last few days. New systems being installed. Lots of activity going on. Many things tugging at my attention. With the hurricane of activity around me, my list grows larger with no end in site.

Knowing that attention to detail is where we gain traction, my days drift into long nights much like on a march without a formation. Using the phrase “I need to finish…” to guide me to the next item I must complete.

Weeks like this, leave no room for perfection. Nor for perfect timing as to when a to do item will be complete. For we are human, simply riding the surf of life. Full of sprints as well as leisurely walks depending on the day.

Using “I need to finish…” as a tool and not a worry. Understanding that our imperfection is not what is in our way. Marching step by step until completion, even if it will take a few more days.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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