Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

Ideas Are Fragile


Ideas are born out of thin air. So very light yet so promising.

Cities, towers, and dreams are built with ease quickly through ideas.

Only to find earth’s gravity pulling them further away from their promise.


They are never complete and always evolving.

Why are we fooled to think they are so certain?

When held too tight, and reluctant to change,

brings them one form of death. Of our own making.


Why do we miss the power of possibility with its opportunity to explore?

Bringing life to ideas by infusing them with more.

It’s never the birth but the work that’s put in

Using time, effort, & skill to find ways to make them real.


Ideas are fragile and many will break.

It’s finding the few worthy of both the work and the wait.

Finding partners for the journey who believe and bring energy to this work.

For it’s only together where ideas live and grow far beyond their birth.


While they take form in many shapes,

Ideas can easily die at any point through inattention.

It’s through diligence and consistent effort, their intent we hope to capture.

Making life in some way better. Giving us some rest before our next chapter.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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