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“I’m Here” – The Best & Worst of Who We Are


“I’m here” is something we say quite often to ourselves and others. But only sometimes in spoken words. Most times, we voice these words silently within the depths of our ego. This simple phrase can be so powerful when directed towards others with love and empathy. Yet can be so destructive when no one notices our silent voice in need of affirmation.

The best of “I’m here” is when “for you” follows. The showing of concern for others. Acknowledging a job well done as if you were the audience. Being together with someone to both laugh or cry. Leaning into “I’m here” empowers human connection. Even amidst difficulty when present.

The worst of “I’m here” is when we are ignored. Our soul wants affirmation with no one to give it. A call, text, or letter is never returned. Our opinion is dead on arrival when others dismiss it hastily without exploration. We are never included in the planning. Loneliness is the result of no one answering our soul’s cry for a voice in the wilderness to respond saying “I’m here for you”. In organizations, when this occurs between its members, dysfunction occurs. Unraveling the power of a team into petty fiefdoms.

Selfishness manifests itself when our focus is only on others answering our cry for acknowledgment when shouting “I’m here” from deep inside. Never seeing the other person for what they need in the moment regardless of the situation. Foolishness manifests itself when always being there for others comes at the expense of never doing anything that makes you happy. This eventually leads to resenting the many demands others continually place on you. Even though you trained them to be that way.

Balancing the two extremes requires a bit of skill. Looking outward before inward is required. Developing a sense of what is not said in conversation or requests can be helpful although difficult to do. So that we can apply “I’m here” in the best way possible. For human connection needs to come first before there can be understanding.

In times of weakness, all of us experience the loneliness of no one hearing the cry of our soul and ego to notice “I’m here”. When others do hear, we become alive. Mentors, teachers, lovers, teammates and friends make this their special gift to the world. One person at a time. Repeated over and over. Spreading joy and understanding to all us who are in need.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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