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Impulse or passion?


You hear about the romantic. The mad scientist. The movie showed how passionate she was to find an answer. I ate the whole package. Your mad today and can’t control it. The commercial said we could fly to Paris, right now, no suitcase with only our credit card.

Uncontrollable. Intense. Blinding. Crazy. Satisfying.

Unbelievable. Energizing. Phenomenal.

Impulse and passion many times look the same. But are they really?

We are impulsive by nature. Eat the extra cookie. Shop in one more store.  We just got mad at someone because we couldn’t take it any more.

To be passionate, to follow your dreams, to stay up all night to solve the problem, to work hard on the business that you believe in, to love someone uncontrollably, requires thought, direction, and desire together with courage. We must choose what we will be passionate about within our lives. It never “just happens”.

Sadly, most of us are far less passionate than we are impulsive.

How can we find passion? We must be thoughtful, directional and intentional to find and release passion into our lives. Isn’t that strange? To find something so intense and uncontrollable we need to be disciplined and thoughtful.

To be impulsive, you really don’t need much. When we are impulsive we don’t think very much about what we are doing. It just happens. We do not see it coming. We can’t see where our impulses will take us. Most times, we don’t like where we end up when this happens.

To have passion you need courage, commitment and direction. 

Life is much more fulfilling when we live it with passion.

Passion nurtures endurance. Impulse dissipates it quickly.

Passion brings us joy through intensity.

Impulse saddens us through its empty promise.

Passion inspires creativity.

Impulse blinds us leaving us unable to create .

Passion magnifies and focuses. It helps to remove the clutter in our lives. We feel our music and see who we can become. It frees us to create without the fear of possible failure. Our work, only then, truly becomes who we are.  Passion is the productive insanity which can energize, connect, and enlarge our day from one of constraint to boundless opportunities to enjoy.

If only we had the courage to start.

If we only had the vision to see what is possible with passion.

One step at a time. Each and every day.



Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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